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Prof. Mohamed Y. Janabi


Since September 2015 when Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JKCI) was inaugurated, people from all walks of life have found answers to their heart alignment. This is Tanzania era to make history. I've been privileged to serve this organization since it started the fall of 2015, but before I worked here in the department of internal medicine later cardiovascular medicine since early 90s, the experience gained told me all I needed to know about the Cardiac mission in our country. At JKCI the patient is always first, and I wanted to devote myself and my life's work to such an institution.

Our government has invested heavily in building this Institute with 104 bed capacity, self contained private rooms, 9 Intensive care beds, 6 Coronary Care beds, Biplane Cath Laboratory and 3 ultra modern operating theaters which matches the highest level of heart diseases delivery across East Africa, where cardiac services is provided to all patients categories (those exempted by policy, insurance covered, cost sharing and private).

JKCI- provides not only the best cardiology care environment in Dar es Salaam but also the best cardiac centre in the country and I can say the entire EA. JKCI is a super specialty heart institute.

I'm often asked what is so special about JKCI. The answer is complex but put simply, it’s our approach to patient care — distinguishes us from any other clinic in the country when it comes to heart diseases more than 60% of the best cardiologist and cardiac surgeons in the country are at JKCI back-up with dedicated nursing and technologists staff.

These experts with different medical training background from around the globe (India, SA, Israel, China, Japan, USA, Russia, Norway, and Australia) with one vision to reach the highest levels. All are determined to make JKCI the centre of excellence when it comes to heart diseases management.

And I am honored to be a part of this institution as the First Executive Director since its formation. JKCI is a treasury of cardiac knowledge, where each day our outstanding staff delivers the highest-quality, highest-value care to our over 200 patients attended every day at out outpatient department, more than 6 cath lab procedures one every day and 2-3 surgical procedures done almost daily. I believe all JKCI employees feel this way — we are committed to providing the best care for every patient every day. As our presidents say “Hapa Kazi Tuu” direct translation at JKCI work and work only is the menu of the day.

Patient Testimonials

The smiles on their faces show appreciation after successfully surgeries

Happy kids after successfully surgeries

Cardiac Services

Arterial Switch Operation

Arterial Switch Operation

Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) and Stenting

Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) and Stenting

Coronary Angiography

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Coronary Angioplasty

What is Coronary Angioplasty?

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